Geography MA

General or with concentration

  •  The program typically requires one to two years of full-time study, although students can pursue the degree on a part-time basis. The department highly encourages students to consider internships to expand their learning experience.
  • Throughout their studies, students work closely with two faculty members who provide guidance and supervision. Students may either choose a concentration or in consultation with his/her adviser, design a program of study that corresponds with the student’s interests and satisfies the general requirements of the M.A. program. Students can pick one of the following concentrations or pursue a general M.A. degree (30 credits) as long as the required courses are taken: GEO 500, GEO 501, and GEO 505 OR GEO 504, a GEO methods course (TBD), and GEO 505.
  • The M.A. program requires 30 credit hours and completion of either a research project or competency portfolio. Students will select their option in consultation with their advisor.
  • High value benefits: regular meetings with faculty advisor as needed, affordable tuition, strong graduate students.

Curriculum requirements for M.A. in General Geography

Curriculum requirements for M.A. with concentrations

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