Michael A. Stefanone


Michael A. Stefanone.

Michael A. Stefanone


Michael A. Stefanone


Director of the Department's Program in Singapore

Research Topics

Computer-mediated communication; Social media; Social networks

Overview Background Publications

Michael Stefanone is most interested in computer-mediated communication and social media, and he tries to situate technology use in evolving social contexts. Currently, Stefanone's work explores the effects these technologies have on people's relationships and access to resources like social capital.

Past Research Support

78941 Stefanone (Co-PI) 09/01/2017-08/30/2019

NSF ($330,000)

Title: EAGER: Collaborative: Understanding and Modeling Rumor Propagation for Vulnerability Assessment of Social Media Platforms


10768352 Stefanone (PI)  01/01/12-12/31/14

AFOSR ($483,511)

Title: Socio-Cultural Media Sharing as Conversations: Sensing and Modeling Behavior in Response to Environmental Changes


R39OT22058 Hollander (PI)   09/01/11-08/31/13

HHS/HRSA/Division of Transplantation ($517,136)

Title: Increasing Organ Donation in New York through Challenge Campaigns

Role: Co-Investigator


D71HS09611 Hollander (PI)   09/01/08-08/31/11

HHS/HRSA/Division of Transplantation ($631,782)

Promoting organ and tissue donation through new media

Role: Co-Investigator