Melanie Green smiles in front of camera with grey background

Melanie Green

Department of Communication, Associate Professor

Specialty/Research Focus

Media effects (entertainment media), the persuasive power of narratives, technology and interpersonal interactions


Melanie C. Green, Ph.D., Ohio State University. Media Effects. Dr. Green’s research examines the power of narrative to change beliefs, including the effects of fictional stories on real-world attitudes. Her theory of "transportation into a narrative world" focuses on immersion into a story as a mechanism of narrative influence. Dr. Green has examined narrative persuasion in a variety of contexts, from health communication to social issues. She has edited two books on these topics (Narrative Impact and Persuasion: Psychological Insights and Perspectives, Second Edition), and has published numerous articles in leading psychology, communication, and interdisciplinary journals. Dr. Green has also investigated the influence of technology (in particular, television and the Internet) on social capital, and the ways in which trust can develop in on-line relationships. 

Dr. Green has also published in the areas of evolutionary psychology and survey methodology.