Our department offers bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees in communication.

  • Director's Message
    Meet the Director of Graduate Studies, Hua "Helen" Wang, PhD
  • Master's Degree Program (MA)
    The program emphasizes the social scientific study of the communication process, with coursework focusing on communication theory and research methodologies.
  • Doctoral Degree Program (PhD)
    As a PhD student in Communication, you will learn cutting-edge social scientific methods from leading scholars in the field.
  • Opportunities for Funding
    Join a community of scholars and researchers working together to solve pressing global problems.
  • Request Information
    Thank you for your interest in our graduate-level programs.
  • Graduate Application
    Our department offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees in communication. Learn about our admissions criteria for these degree programs. 
  • Communication Campaigns Micro-credential
    A graduate-level micro-credential that prepares learners to develop effective messages and campaigns for diverse career fields, including (but not limited to) marketing, health, or politics.
  • Graduate Faculty
    We have world-class graduate faculty who are devoted to cutting-edge and scientific research into communication phenomena and mentoring graduate students to pursue careers in academia, business, and government.
  • Graduate Student Research
    Our faculty support graduate student-led research during their studies in our department. They have helped outstanding students to receive prestigious dissertation funds from the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, Dissertation Fellowships and Mark Diamond Research Fund at UB’s College of Arts and Sciences, and Top Paper Awards at various international and national conferences.
  • Graduate Student Professional Development
    The Department of Communication provides a wide range of opportunities for professional development. In addition to the graduate coursework, many students actively participate in research labs and groups led by faculty mentors. Here are some examples: