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The Career Design Studio is where career and life collide! You'll find inspiration, resources and tools all together to help you design your life after college. It doesn't matter where you are in the design process, there's likely a collection that's right for you.

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What's Trending A Community Motivation Some Clarity Celebration

Hooray! You've achieved something, whether it was big or small. It's Time to Celebrate! You did it! 👏

Reading Length: 6 minutes

Things to consider before accepting an offer.

Blog: Salary Negotiations for the Entry-Level Applicant

Reading Length: 4 minutes

Playlists to keep the celebration going

Playlist Length: 5 hours 8 minute

How to gain experience from a remote internship.

Blog: 6 Ways to Make the Most of a Remote Internship

Reading Length: 5 minutes

A woman being interviewed.

Negotiating a salary isn't easy. Here are some tips that can help.

Video: How to Handle Salary Negotiations at Any Stage of the Hiring Process

Video Length: 1:48

Playlists to boost your mood and fill you with happiness!

Playlist Length: 5 hours 15 minutes