Still on the team

Andrew Atman, BS '08, holding a picture of his younger self playing basketball.

Andrew Atman, BS '08

For Andrew Atman, BS ’08, his years playing on the men’s basketball team taught him many life skills that set him up for success in his career.

Atman, a full scholarship recipient who grew up in Pittsburgh, was attracted to UB for a number of reasons—the variety of academic programs, the dual campuses that provided urban and suburban settings, and the promise made by coaches and players that he would have time to balance his studies with his athletic endeavors.

As a student-athlete, he gained experiences that have served him well in his post-grad life working in electrical equipment sales, especially when it comes to teamwork.

“Knowing how to be part of a team is something that stays with you throughout your life—whether working internally with colleagues or externally with customers, being able to drive a group ofpeople toward a common goal has been invaluable,” he says.

Andrew Atman’s bold moment

I wanted to provide others with the same opportunity the university gave me. Supporting student-athletes and ensuring they have the best possible environment for success is the right thing to do."

His experience at UB had such a profound impact on his current success that he was compelled to give back, making a generous commitment to support the men’s basketball team. The gift is discretionary and can be applied wherever it is needed most—whether providing nutritionists for the players, purchasing equipment or improving travel options, he’d like to see the gift used to make the student-athletes’ lives a little easier.

He’s remained a dedicated Bull—he maintains close friendships with several of his former teammates and is an avid follower of UB Athletics. He never misses a men’s basketball game that is streamed or televised, has traveled back to campus from Indianapolis to attend several games as a fan and has sponsored foursomes at the UB Athletics Golf Classic.

Atman also keeps up to date on all of UB’s teams through social media, and is excited to see the athletics program achieve great success over the past few years. “

From football to women’s tennis to track and fi eld, UB’s athletes are reaching new levels and making national news. When I was playing, we were striving to get to the MAC championship and we fell short. Now, the team not only got over that hump but has also made it to the NCAA tournament. It has been awesome to see that come to fruition.”