Helping Students Now

UB students having a conversation over a meal in One World Cafe.

It's More Than Just a Space

With a diverse student body comes diverse needs. The One World Café is a gateway to the University at Buffalo, with its message of welcoming everyone and celebrating the different cultures that makeup the UB community.

Building Connections, Bridging Cultures

UB looked to its students when creating the new One World Café. Taking their input every step of the way, the new location sits at the heart of UB's north campus. More than a dining hall, One World Café is a place for students to meet, study and build connections with each other. Student, Jesse Orange, calls UB a place for comradery where different cultures can meet. With natural light and diverse food options, the One World Café is an inspiring place to be.

One thing I love about UB is just how many different cultures come to campus.
- Jesse Orrange, Humanities Master's Candidate

Community and the Student Experience

OWC is the abbreviation for One World Cafe, a new opportunity to bring students and the UB community from around the globe together.

Students were involved in every facet of the One World Café. At UB, we wanted to make sure the space, and the food offered, was reflective of our student population and the needs of the campus community. With a 52% BIPOC student population, UB is committed to providing welcoming spaces that reflect our students.

Building Community, Sharing Cultures

We Are Boldly Buffalo explores the development of UB's One World Cafe, and how it brought together students, faculty, staff and grads.

UB definitely is a space where you can find your own group of people or your own space to feel comfortable in, and be yourself.
- Joel Marcellus, Media Study student

Seeing the Future in Students

Karen Gerhardt, class of 1964, understands the importance of the student experience. When reflecting on her life led with her late husband, Lester, PhD 1969 and MA 1964, Karen wanted to do something that echoed their lives together and the opportunities that came with being part of the UB community.

The One World Café unites students, faculty, staff, and graduates from all over in a casual setting and reflects a commitment to bettering the lives of students. For Karen, honoring Lester’s legacy in this way just made sense.

Karen Gerhardt shares her story of why she supported the development of One World Cafe.

The classroom was [Lester’s] home. The students were always paramount to him. He saw future in them. He saw hope in them.
- Karen Gerhardt, '64

Not only is UB an AAU high caliber institution, but we also have a vibrant student life on campus. Student Nicandra Soto came to UB from New York City after growing up in Spain and has found friends at the welcoming Latin American Student Association.

One World is a place for students to pause between classes, study and share unique viewpoints and ideas. Community is essential to the student experience and the connections our students make at UB will help them become the next generation of leaders in Buffalo and beyond.

Invest in the future

Your investment in UB will make a difference for a cause that matters to you: whether you make a gift to the UB Fund, support a scholarship for one UB student, sustain the work of a professor who will inspire thousands, or fund a cancer cure that saves the lives of millions. Every gift counts!

Together We Support Students Now

At UB, we are committed to providing the experiences, places, and opportunities for students to thrive and work towards their dreams. Together, across boundaries, schools, and organizations, we are finding solutions to some of the most pressing issues in society. Explore some of the other ways people have invested in the robust culture at UB that has provided a variety of opportunities for our students.

Fieldhouse of Dreams

Tunney Murchie (MBA ‘76, BS ‘75), Deanna Murchie (BS ‘74) and their family believe in collegiate athletics. They also understand that while UB provides an outstanding education, student athletes didn't have the space they needed to hold practice no matter the Buffalo weather.

That’s why they gave the single largest gift ever made to the athletic department to help turn the long-awaited 92,000-square-foot fieldhouse into a reality.

How, Who and What We Become

Forty years ago, Carol Brewer went on a trip abroad with her husband. Having the opportunity to experience life in an underdeveloped country opened her eyes to a global world view and had a profound influence on what she chose to do in her career—so she created the Carol S. Brewer Global Health Fund to provide similar opportunities for today’s nursing students.