Helping the Planet with ELFS

Abdul-Malik Davies in Davis Hall.

Abdul-Malik Davies. Photo: Doug Levere.

Your gift creates leaders who will protect our planet.

Protecting our planet is a prime passion for Abdul-Malik Davies, who chose to attend UB after learning of its focus on sustainability and its experiential learning opportunities for students. The chemical and biological engineering major from Queens, NY, joined the Education and Leadership Fellowship in Sustainability (ELFS), one of several programs supported by annual gifts to UB.

He and fellow ELFS members have initiated projects to cut UB energy use by 10 percent by turning off unused lights across campus, and decrease unnecessary waste by recycling usable objects—books, storage cubes, tables, electronics—left behind by departing students each May. The group works all summer, sorting and refurbishing the items, then sells them to incoming dorm residents each fall.

“I want to thank everyone who made ELFS possible at UB,” Davies says. “By funding this program, you have helped me and many other students realize our potential and make our planet a better place.”