Post-Graduate Prosthodontic Fund

Antique Prosthodontics Equipment and UB Dental School Yearbooks and Journals.

This fund supports clinical excellence in UB’s prosthodontic post-graduate program.

Dental students studying prosthodontics at UB’s School of Dental Medicine receive support through this fund.

Specifically, the fund provides support for residents in post-graduate prosthodontics, including but not limited to assistance with travel costs and/or stipends.

The School of Dental Medicine is a pioneer in the field—a research titan, and a shining example of the best of dental education, community engagement and global leadership. Maintaining our lead is expensive. Increasing our lead requires a $43 million investment, more visionary donors and additional philanthropic support. But the payoff is immense: With your help, our world-class research, education, clinical facilities and experiences will better prepare our students, redefine and strengthen dental medicine, and improve the health of countless millions of people.

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