Operatory Chair Project

Hayes Hall.

Help modernize UB’s dental facilities through this fund, which will help provide support for much-needed operatories.

At the School of Dental Medicine, our operatories have basically remained the same for more than 30 years. Typically, operatories are replaced every 10 years in private practice.

This fund will provide critical support for replacting all of our current operatories with 300 new operatories in Squire Hall. The renovated operatories will be used to train dental students and offer clinical treatment to the community. UB’s dental clinics—Western New York’s largest oral health care center—are the site of more than 55,000 patient visits per year.

The operatory project is part of our Squire Hall renovations—a historic investment in our future, which will strengthen our ability to recruit students and patients by significantly improving our teaching and patient care environment.

Many longtime faculty members have already committed gifts to name an operatory.

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