Social Work Graduate Scholarship Fund

Graduate Student Scholarship.

Graduate students recieve much-needed scholarships through this fund.

When you give to the Social Work Graduate Scholarship Fund, you help support top graduate students within the School of Social Work. Scholarships play a critical role in helping UB attract and retain leading social work students, and donor support often makes the difference in a student choosing UB.

At UB Social Work, we’re deeply committed to helping people and societies unlock—and expand—their potential. We’re also committed to expanding our own potential, to being the best and most innovative we can be. To achieve all that, we seek your support. A generous gift from you is seed money that will grow an innovative, collaborative and effective new generation of social workers; fund breakthroughs in social work, social innovation and social-work education; and yield incalculable returns in the form of healthy, humane and sustainable societies.

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