Anne Brody Scholarship Endowment Fund

Smiling students in class in Hayes Hall.

Worthy undergraduate students throughout the university receive scholarships through this fund.

Established by friends, colleagues and family members of Anne and Harold Brody, this fund provides scholarships for undergraduate students at UB.

Scholarships are available to students in any major, and are meant to recognize outstanding achievement and/or exceptional promise. The fund will be used by the Treasurer of the UB Women’s Club, in conjunction with the UB Women’s Club Scholarship Committee.

Mrs. Brody took great pride in her work with the Women's Club, and had a passion for the pursuit of knowledge — along with a lifelong commitment to community service.

Dr. Brody, a World War II veteran, was the chairman of the Department of Anatomy at UB's Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He was world-renowned for his research in anatomy and gerontology, had lectured around the world, and was published widely in scientific journals devoted to gerontology or anatomy.

Together, Anne and Harold were loyal supporters of UB for many decades.

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