Department of Information Science Fund

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Provide comprehensive support for the Department of Information Science through this fund.

The Department of Information Science (part of the Graduate School of Education) encourages students to explore the nature of information and its use, the conceptual foundations of information organization, the information needs of diverse people in a range of contexts, sources of information to meet these requirements, and the cutting edge technology to store and retrieve information, all in the context of the traditional values of librarianship, including intellectual freedom and equity of information access.

As scholars and educators, we focus on the intersection of people, information and technology. Through systematic, innovative and impactful research, we advance the knowledge and practice of information management, access and use. In addition, we collaborate with our diverse local and global communities to transform the information world.

Within the department, we help graduate students obtain an understanding of information science, and teach students how to apply the disciplinary knowledge and skills. In addition, we focus on professional competencies, as well as the values, attitudes and behaviors associated with information and library professionals.

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