Kathleen M. Shaffer Memorial Award Fund

Physical Therapy Student Jeffrey Sam in a Kimball Tower Lecture with Classmates.

In memory of a former student, a scholarship for fifth-year occupational therapy students is supported by this fund.

The friends and family of Kathleen M. Shaffer established this fund in 2008 to honor her passion and skill. The fund supports an annual award to a fifth-year student who has displayed academic and clinical excellence and promise in the field of occupational therapy within the School of Public Health and Health Professions.

Kathy Shaffer was a 1987 graduate of the UB occupational therapy department baccalaureate program, and a senior therapist at Erie County Medical Center. Shaffer’s contributions to UB included course instruction and fieldwork supervision of students. She is best remembered for her excellent clinical skills and mentoring relationships with students.

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