Hot Wheels, Hot Meals

When it comes to mouthwatering midday meals, UB’s food trucks deliver

Big Blue serves up lunch on the South Campus.

Big Blue serves up lunch on the South Campus.

By Rebecca Rudell


At the University at Buffalo (as well as in the rest of the country), the food truck frenzy is in full effect. Our two UB-blue food-service vehicles—equipped with everything from steam tables to broilers to large flat-top grills—are serving up lunch fare to hungry Bulls on the North and South campuses, with plans to roll into the Downtown Campus soon.

Big Blue, the original university food-mobile, which measures 30 feet long, fed its first fans at a UB football game back in 2014. Little Blue, just four feet shorter than his brother, joined the team in 2016. “We were looking for a new opportunity to serve our guests in different ways,” says Ray Kohl, marketing manager for Campus Dining & Shops. “Food trucks are exciting and allow us to try some unique items.”

The trucks’ distinctive fare includes an eclectic variety of macaroni-and-cheese options, like pulled pork and chicken caprese, and “Breakfast Tots,” which are tater tots topped with cheese, bacon, an over-easy egg and maple syrup.

But the Blues are not about to rest on their laurels. “Right now the team is working on Mexican-inspired dishes,” says Kohl when asked what’s next on the menu, “as well as a few top-secret additions.”