First Look

Keep Calm and Plow On

Snow covered Greiner Hall parking lot in December.

By Andrew Coddington | Photograph by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki


Buffalo’s reputation for blustery winters is a badge of honor for the residents who weather them. The truth is, we know how to deal with the white stuff.

At UB, a detailed plan is in place for just that. As soon as surfaces get slick, the University Facilities team begins salting. When snow cover reaches approximately 2 inches, roadway plowing starts; when parking lots accumulate between 2 and 4 inches, those get plowed as well. In peak season (between January and late March), snow removal crews are on duty around the clock Monday through Friday, and for one Saturday shift too.

This serene shot of the Greiner Hall parking lot in December gives just a glimpse of the frosty weather that disrupted much of the country this winter. Here, we’re used to it. When snow covers UB, UB has snow covered.


  • 38 Miles of campus roads to plow
  • 155 Parking lots to clear
  • 36 Crew members
  • 50 Pieces of equipment