The 50 Best Things About Being a Bull

Herewith, our definitive list of all the things students look forward to and alumni miss most about UB*


Illustrations by Michael Gelen (JD ’88)

1. Baird Point

2. UB cookies

3. Mind-blowing performances at International Fiesta

4. Victor!

5. Alternative Spring Break

6. Groundhogs, geese and other campus wildlife

7. Hot chocolate in the Union atrium

8. Robot Wars

9. Getting scared out of your socks at the Haunted Union

10. The SA carnival and bonfire at Homecoming

11. Being in lockstep with your class in the Interlocking UB

12. Studying/socializing in Silverman

13. More cowbell!

14. Strolling through the Solar Strand

15. Wings night at C3

16. The Distinguished Speakers Series

17. Getting down and dirty at Oozefest

18. Hundreds of student clubs to choose from

19. Paula’s Donuts on campus

20. Basketball teams that crush the competition

21. Spotting buffalo statues

22. Kayaking on Lake LaSalle

23. Catching an open booth in Club Capen

24. A sloppy kiss from a therapy dog when you need it most

25. Falling in love with (or on) a UB carriage ride

26. Veggie cream cheese from Seasons

27. Sledding down the Kunz field hill in winter

28. Buffalove

29. Marching with the Thunder of the East

30. The peacefulness of a campus blanketed in snow

31. The Art Hallway at the CFA

32. The Hayes Hall bell tower

33. Late Night UB

34. A Tim Horton’s or Starbucks at every turn

35. July 4 fireworks over Lake LaSalle

36. Great films, better talks at Buffalo Film Seminars

37. The Wegmans trek

38. Seeing your professor’s name in The New York Times

39. 550 study abroad programs

40. Running into friends on the Spine on the first day of classes

41. Cruising the bike paths around campus

42. Finding out if Ridge Lea Larry saw his shadow

 43. Get Blue Fridays

44. Loaded tater tots from Little Blue

45. The UB Art Galleries

46. Horns Up!

47. Getting involved at the Involvement Fair

48. Snow football

49. Looking good in blue

50. The most brilliant sunsets on Earth

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