Eureka!: beaker briefs

Beaker Briefs

Research highlights from the desk, lab and field in 50 words or less

By Marcene Robinson (BA ’13)

A glow-in-the-dark dye may be the key to powering solar cars and homes overnight. UB researchers found that BODIPY, a fluorescent dye, provides enough juice to recharge liquid-based batteries more than 100 times. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, BODIPY-powered cells can be easily enlarged and don’t catch fire if broken.

Led by: Chemistry researchers Timothy Cook and Anjula M. Kosswattaarachchi

Photo courtesy of Prof. Dr. Manfred Rohde, HZI Braunschweig

Researchers are investigating the microbiome’s greatest escape artist, Streptococcus gordonii. Harmless inside our mouths, the bacterium is a menace to hearts, causing a rare but fatal condition if it reaches the bloodstream. Researchers aim to develop better treatments by unraveling the mystery of how these bacteria evade white blood cells.

Led by: Oral biology researcher Jason Kay

College men who frequent bars and parties are more likely to commit sexual assault, suggests new UB research. Although alcohol is believed to play a role in sexual assault, the study reframed the link, finding that drinking environments—and not binge drinking itself—may be what’s boosting those odds.

Led by: Addictions researcher Maria Testa (PhD ’89, MA ’86, BA ’83)