UB Yesterday: 1948

The Salt and Peppers

Members of the Salt and Peppers strike a pose in their U of B uniforms. Photo courtesy of University Archives.

“Salt and Peppers were ‘Spicy-er’ than ever this year”—at least according to their open letter to the student body in the 1948 Buffalonian yearbook. The coed pep squad was formed in the mid-1940s and lasted through the mid-’50s.

During its short but energetic tenure, the group of spunky students cheered year-round for the Bulls. Buffalo winters didn’t faze them—they “came prepared…with slacks, mittens and all.” Other memories shared in the yearbook included a trip to Alfred, N.Y., “with the jug of cider that everybody thought wasn’t cider—but it was,” a conga chain that ran the length of a UB parking lot, and “Mouse n’ Murph’s party after the last game.”

The Salt and Peppers also promoted their high-energy school spirit at various events on campus, such as Homecoming and Business Administration Day—an evening of fun and dancing sponsored by the School of Business Administration (now the School of Management), with admission set at 50 cents.

The last lines on their yearbook page perfectly capture their go-team attitude:   

Signing off, we must go
It’s still B-U-F-F-A-L-O!