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Food Glorious Food

I loved the latest version of At Buffalo [The Food Issue, Summer 2017]. It really captured the years of UB, Buffalo food and everything else.

Althea Luehrsen
Buffalo, N.Y.

The writer is former assistant vice president for the UB Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and CEO of Leadership Buffalo.

Each quarter I look forward to the next issue of At Buffalo to help me stay connected to the latest regarding UB news and fellow alumni, and the summer issue truly grabbed me. I was pleased to see the “Party of Twelve” photo of the UBAA Achievement Award winners, featuring my longtime friend and Sigma Pi fraternity brother Dean Seneca, and then happily surprised to read on the very next page about the “superfood” success of another fraternity brother, Dave Friedman. The issue also brought back fond memories of the Wilkeson Pub, where I enjoyed too many evenings to mention, as well as a picture from SA WingFest ’85, which I personally organized as Student Association director of student activities.

Wayne Domnitz (BA ’87)
New York, N.Y.

The writer is a member of the UBAA Board of Directors.

Zoom image: Wayne Domnitz with Elissa Josephson (BA ’88), who would later become Elissa Josephson Domnitz, at the Wilkeson Pub in 1986. Wayne Domnitz with Elissa Josephson (BA ’88), who would later become Elissa Josephson Domnitz, at the Wilkeson Pub in 1986.

Wayne Domnitz with Elissa Josephson (BA ’88), who would later become Elissa Josephson Domnitz, at the Wilkeson Pub in 1986.

What We Missed

How could you not have included the famous “UB brownie” [“A Smorgasbord of Food Memories,” Summer 2017]? It was almost a daily part of my lunch. A 3-inch frosted square of deliciousness, with a walnut half on top.

Paul Rybarczyk (BA ’71, BFA ’71)
Buffalo, N.Y.

No discussion of food on the Main Street campus or near campus is complete without mentioning the fast-food place in the basement between Clement and Goodyear for great shakes, or Ridge Lea for brownies. And off campus: Parkside Candies for ice cream.

Lynn Goldstein (BA ’75)
Monterey, Calif.

Although I have fond memories of my years at UB, food service was not one of them. Greasy pasta, mystery meats, a slap on the wrist if you took more than two slices of white bread. And on the eve of Yom Kippur, we were offered three choices of pork. The upside is that we all utilized the dorm kitchens in Ellicott and thus learned how to cook. And then, of course, there were Duff’s, Garden of Sweets, Geppetto’s and any beef on weck.

David Glogower (BS ’77)
Monroe, N.Y.

Now Make It Kosher

Hail to your food issue. To be able to recognize an alumnus, Todd Mitgang [“The Codfather,” Summer 2017], was frosting on the cake. Through your good offices I want to issue a challenge to him: Prepare and present strictly kosher food with your creative skills. In business and professional circles, the Jewish community in NYC contributes greatly to the cutting edge of creativity. We lack only a Mitgang to round out a modern, urban lifestyle. Todd, we need you to help us once again worship at the Jewish table in the style it deserves.

Sanford Rosenblum (JD ’62)
Monsey, N.Y.


I have firsthand experience of Lakshmi Ashwin’s creativity [“Cooking Up Memories,” Summer 2017]. One of my vivid memories is, Lux had found a good recipe for shrimp scampi. Now, the recipe called for wine. I had been given a bottle of wine which I happily gave to her. Next thing I heard, she had created a blushing shrimp scampi, using my red wine instead of white. I wish Meg and Lux happy times in their culinary journey. I can’t wait to get hold of their book.

Seema Madhavan
Amherst, N.Y

From the Editor’s Desk

Christine Dahill (MA ’90) of Akron, N.Y., is the winner of our pop quiz: How many sprinkles on this UB doughnut? Dahill’s guess of 450 sprinkles, in a field of responses that ranged from 150 to 1,060, came closest to the actual number: 472 (and yes, someone from our team actually counted them). Dahill will receive an At Buffalo mug.

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