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Alumni Job Fair Event.

The event: UB’s first full-scale alumni-to-alumni job fair

The purpose: For UB grads of all ages to recruit or be recruited

The details: June 5, Center for Tomorrow, North Campus

The job-seekers: Nearly 150 attendees, all intent on making an impression

The employers: Reps from 37 different companies, from major corporations to small, local enterprises, in fields ranging from banking to tech to health and human services

The look: Everything from power suits and statement bags to jeans and sneakers

The talk: Eager introductions, fond reunions—amid a continual flow of career-related questions and advice

The swag: Pens, magnets, drink cozies, candy, even the ever-coveted fidget spinners

The testimony: “Applying for a job online doesn’t give you everything you want to know about an opportunity. And it’s nice just to chitchat. It’s as much about networking as it is about finding a job.” – Jen Hoffman (BS ’02)