UB Yesterday: 1969

Who’s the ugliest of them all?

A large crowd in the Fillmore Room watches the contestants perform. Image courtesy of University Archives

By Sally Jarzab

Things got a little ugly on campus in 1969.

A fundraiser sponsored by the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) pitted costumed fraternity members against one another in a competition for the not-so-complimentary title of Ugly Man on Campus.

“It was a weeklong event in which the contestants would get ‘ugly’ and go around to get votes from everyone on campus,” recalls Tom Huchko (BS ’70), a brother in APO. “Votes were cast by putting pennies in gallon jars set up in Norton Union [now Squire Hall]. Each penny was worth one vote. The contest got real interesting on the last day when the fraternities started to stuff the jars with paper bills.”

These photographs from the yearbook show the winner of that year’s contest, a frightful fellow going by the name of Jolly Green Giant (who apparently enjoyed his cigarettes as much as his vegetables), and the runner-up, Fearless Fly.

The total haul amounted to $1,302.68, which was donated to the United Fund, a precursor to the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. All in all, it was a beautiful thing. 

The Jolly Green Giant poses for a photographer. Image courtesy of University Archives

The brothers of Alpha Phi Omega collect money in Norton Union Lobby. Image courtesy of University Archives

Delta Chi Omega’s Fearless Fly placed second. Image courtesy of University Archives