First Look

Here is Who We Are

A new brand strategy answers an age-old question: What does it mean to be UB?


The first in a series of banners praising UB’s growing strength in academics and athletics debuted on the south side of Alumni Arena.

Time-lapse video of the banner installation at Alumni Arena

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Visitors to UB this fall may notice something different. From subtle color tweaks in our programs and brochures to not-so-subtle banners like this one draped across Alumni Arena, UB looks, sounds and feels different. Energized. Focused. Committed to telling the world who we are and why it matters.

UB is and always has been a unique and wonderful institution. That hasn’t changed. What we’re doing this year is taking a big step forward in under- standing, clarifying and broadcasting our story. And we’re doing this by launching an institution-wide brand and identity strategy, built on the concept of “Here is How.” UB, like the city of Buffalo, is not just a place but a way—a way of thinking differently and pushing limits and constantly reinventing.

Before launching the strategy, we asked thousands of alumni, students, faculty, staff, prospective students and community members what makes UB, well, UB. The research results brought to life traits and attributes that make our university distinctive. We’re tenacious, pragmatic, inclusive and ambitious. We seize opportunities, face challenges with purpose, are relentlessly engaged and authentically diverse. It’s just who we are.

Our new brand and identity strategy allows us to take this story of who we are, and tell it to the world.