Back to the Future

By Lauren Newkirk Maynard | Photographs by Douglas Levere

At the School of Architecture and Planning’s fall welcome in 2014, Dean Robert Shibley stood in front of Edmund B. Hayes Hall, still crammed with scaffolding inside. Gesturing to the freshly painted clock tower, he told faculty, students and parents, “We’ve waited long enough, folks… we’re going home.”

Today, following a five-year, $43.9 million capital project to reimagine the school from its roots up, Hayes has been transformed from the stately shell of a former almshouse into a sleek, sustainable hub for hands-on learning, and a living gallery for design and practice. As the school celebrates Hayes’ recent induction into the National Register of Historic Places and prepares for its grand opening gala this fall, At Buffalo shares some highlights of this remarkable makeover.

Restoration in progress:

Did You Know?

The reclaimed, mixed-wood lumber used in the flooring of the dean’s suite was sourced within 50 miles of the South Campus.

Carol Goodson

I had a class in Hayes Hall--I think it was Sociology--must have been around 1966.  I also remember spending the night in that building during a student sit-in... I brought my books with me because we were getting close to Finals :-)

James Frederick Wallace, BA 1971, MA 1975

Way to go UB. You make me more proud to be a UB Alumnus as you grow more beautiful time and space.

Keep on growing strong in our UB Motto: "Let Each Become All That He(She) Is Capable Of Being..." B'Shalom