On Campus: UB EMOJI

A look back on our recent past with a smile, a wink or a whatevs

True Blue tattoo

Anton Ivanov (pictured above), a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, was so overjoyed at his acceptance into UB’s doctoral program in management science and systems that he went out two weeks after arriving in Buffalo (soberly, we should add) and got some serious ink. In his words: “This achievement has been one of the most important in my whole life. I knew I would get a UB tattoo to fix it in my memory.” Now that’s school pride!

Down with diabetes

D-Link, a support group for teens and young adults with Type 1 diabetes, was founded by UB medical students eight years ago and is still going strong. The group fills an important need in Western New York, where 100 new cases of Type 1 diabetes are diagnosed each year.

Oh, Canada!

Tweeted a disgruntled student during the Canada goose mating season: “Bet your school doesn’t have a goose problem.” Wrong! Many campuses deal with this protected species every spring, and we’re no exception. Still, we’d all rather avoid the sidewalk calling cards, not to mention getting goosed by territorial males protecting their nests.

Real-world learning

Also overheard on Twitter: “I learn more about people and situations going out on the weekends than I do in any classroom at UB.” Note to tweeter: If you’re majoring in people and situations, perhaps you should transfer to Barstool U.