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UB Tech Squad is here

UB Tech Squad

By Dan Heuskin

Published January 27, 2017

UBIT is pleased to launch Tech Squad—a new mobile, self-scheduled tech-help service from UBIT, capable of addressing students’ technology needs anywhere on campus.



Daniel Heuskin (UB Student, Class of 2017) is originally from Long Island, NY. He is studying English at UB with aspirations to become a teacher or writer. In his free time, he enjoys playing bass guitar, doing nature photography, writing songs and reading.

UB students face a variety of tech difficulties on a day-to-day basis, and in the hectic schedule of the average student it can be tough to find time to pick up the phone or stop at the UBIT Help Center in Lockwood or Abbott for assistance.  

It was this realization that first sparked the idea of UB Tech Squad. Although helpful tech support is available at UBIT’s Help Center locations, students want even more convenient tech assistance.  

We heard you

Tech Squad

UBIT hosted listening sessions and analyzed student feedback to better understand what students want—and when it comes to IT support, students want service that can come directly to residence hall rooms and on-campus apartments.

Chris Clune, Director of IT Customer Service, part of UB Information Technology, says it’s about adding value to the student IT experience. “Not only will we connect devices to the network, but UB Tech Squad will help with viruses and personal device support, right in your apartment or residence hall, or elsewhere on campus.”

Available on your schedule

As of January 30, 2017, UB Tech Squad is available between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday—hours designed to cater to a student’s lifestyle. Students can schedule appointments for assistance with:

  • Network (Wi-Fi or ResNet) connectivity
  • Device configuration
  • Malware remediation
  • Software
  • UBITName accounts or passwords
  • Email

Tech Squad's skilled and knowledgeable student employees will come to any on-campus location, including residence halls and on-campus apartments, at scheduled times, equipped to provide IT support for any personal device.

Tech Squad employees can’t, however, perform hardware repairs (UB isn’t an authorized provider and we don’t want to invalidate warranties), so you’ll need to go elsewhere for that cracked iPhone screen.

UB Tech Squad is also supported by UB’s engineering and network staff, meaning Tech Squad will be what Chris Clune calls "first-touch resolution." "Our goal is to follow each customer until your problem is solved," Clune added.

"The service will definitely be evolving," said Jessica Hinkal, IT Customer Service Team Lead and head supervisor of UB Tech Squad. “The key to success here will be student feedback, which will guide the direction of where we need to go. We will customize Tech Squad in response to what students are telling us.”

Tech Squad help will be on a first come, first serve basis. Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling the UBIT Help Center at 716-645-3542.

Get help while on campus

Tech Squad

Although Tech Squad employees will not be assisting students in off-campus residences—its services are on-campus only—commuters can seek assistance from Tech Squad when they’re on campus.

"The overarching goal is simple," said Clune. "We want to continue creating a better IT experience for students on campus."

The UBIT Help Center was re-imagined in 2015, when a dedicated Customer Service department was created within UBIT.  "UBIT is excited to rollout phase 2 of a robust customer-focused IT service," said J. Brice Bible, UB Vice President and Chief Information Officer. "By establishing field capabilities right to our students’ door, UB Tech Squad will provide a great enhancement to our existing Help Center."