Philip Reed

Philip Reed, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Canisius College, where he works on ethics, applied ethics, and moral psychology. His primary research interest in bioethics is the doctrine of double effect.

Reed examines appropriate and inappropriate applications of the doctrine in various biomedical contexts and is interested in developing principled grounds for distinguishing intended effects from foreseen effects.

Philip Reed.

Philip Reed

Working Groups

  • Clinical Ethics
  • End of Life Issues
  • Philosophical Foundations of Bioethics

Selected Publications

“How Not to Defend the Unborn” with David Hershenov, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, forthcoming.

“How to Gerrymander Intention,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 89:3 (2015): 441-460.

 “Artifacts, Intentions, and Contraceptives: The Problem with Having a Plan B for Plan B,” Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 38:6 (2013): 657-673.