Debra Kolodczak

Debra Kolodczak, PhD, is a managing editor and multimedia producer whose work unites traditional techniques with emerging technologies for digital imaging, content development, and web-based communcation. She aims to apply clinical ethics in an experiential learning project that concerns environmental literacy, medical humanities, and health communication. At UB she is responsible for various websites using Adobe AEM6 for UBCMS. Her teaching endeavors involve designing and teaching the hybrid, lab-based course, Communication Graphics, plus the online course, Virtual Media Ethics, among others.

As a Fulbright Research Scholar, Canada '03-'04, her focus on the history and survival of indigenous peoples led to the UB American Studies dissertation, Canoe Links: Work, Play, Symbol, Show in North America's Native/Newcomer Encounter. By seeing what is not always obvious when considering the ordinary, the work aims to understand how 'things' got to be the way they are and why we should care.

Current research interests and on-going projects involve medical humanities, natural habitat restoration, and much more.  


Muskoka Canoe.

Working Group

  • Clinical Research
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being