Stephen Kershnar

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Working Groups

  • Autonomy, Addiction, and Accountability
  • Creation and Enhancement
  • End of Life Issues
  • Health, Harm, and Well-Being

Selected Publications

Stephen Kershnar, “Quantifying Health Across Populations,” Bioethics 30 (2016): 451-461

Stephen Kershnar, “Does the Pro-Life Position Entail the Permissibility of Assassinating Abortion-Doctors?” What’s Wrong? March 16, 2016

Stephen Kershnar, “Rights, virtue, and David Boonin’s defense of the implausible conclusion of the non-identity problem,” Science, Religion and Culture, 2 (2015): 102-107

Stephen Kershnar, “Fetuses are like Rapists: A Judith-Jarvis-Thomson-Inspired Argument on Abortion,” Reason Papers 37 (2015): 88-109