Fact check: Some states require special IDs for sex offenders

Published September 17, 2021


USA Today interviewed Charles Ewing about President Joe Biden’s potential vaccine requirements for federal workers and companies with more than 100 employees, which means millions of Americans may soon have to prove they're vaccinated. A widespread and false claim on social media - sex offenders don't have to carry cards because it 'violates their privacy' - attempts to discredit the potential requirement. “Sex offenders are indeed required to carry special identification in some states, and in the states where such laws have been overturned, it's been due to free speech concerns, not privacy,” the article states. The article quotes Ewing, who said some states require sex offender status on driver’s licenses. "So if you hand your driver's license or state ID over to a police officer, they would be able to tell immediately whether you're a registered sex offender," he said.




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