Solitude seekers are more creative, study finds

Published November 27, 2017

An article in The Washington Post reports on research by Julie Bowker, associate professor of psychology, and colleagues that suggests that not all forms of social withdrawal are harmful, and that there is a link between a particular type of social withdrawal and increased creativity. “They are not antisocial,” she said. “They don’t initiate interaction, but also don’t appear to turn down social invitations from peers. Therefore, they may get just enough peer interaction so that when they are alone, they are able to enjoy that solitude.”

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Articles also appeared in Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Pacific Standard magazine, the Hearst Network’s Red, NDTV, Raw Story and Tech Times, as well as on radio stations across the country, including KOGO-AM in San Diego, WTIC-AM in Hartford, WOKV-AM in Jacksonville and KXNT-AM in Las Vegas. Articles also appeared in news outlets in Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Turkey, Russia, England, Czechoslovakia, China, Ukraine and Canada. 

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