How we can fix Facebook before the 2020 election

Published September 8, 2017

An article on Fortune by Mark Bartholomew, professor of law and the author of “Adcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing,” looks at Russian hackers who orchestrated the campaign to influence American voters in the 2016 presidential election by purchasing ads designed to highlight voter attention to wedge social issues such as immigration, race, and LGBTQ rights, and efforts by Facebook to deploy technological solutions to the problem. “Just like television networks and newspapers, Facebook makes choices about what we see. Yet unlike television stations or newspapers — where we can see who the decision makers are and what decisions they make — Facebook keeps things hidden. It won’t reveal how it decides what enters our news feeds. It won’t even reveal the content of these bogus political ads from Russian backers. It is time for lawmakers to force Facebook to be more transparent,” he writes.

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