Does data back Trump administration plan to cut legal immigration in half?

Published August 5, 2017

A story on NPR about plans by the Trump administration to cut legal immigration in half and give preference to high-skilled, English-speaking immigrants interviews Abigail Cooke, assistant professor of geography, about the economic impact of immigration. “There's been a ton of research on this by a lot of people. And what they find is that the size of any effects at all of immigration on wages is really, really, really small and that the few people who do experience negative wage effects are similar immigrants who just arrived a little bit earlier or native-born workers who did not finish high school. But even for these groups, any of the negative effects are really, really tiny on their wages,” she said. The story aired on NPR affiliates around the country, including Public Radio East, KAWC-FM in Colorado, WUWM-FM in Milwaukee, WBUR-FM in Boston, WNYC-FM in New York City and WBEZ-FM in Chicago.

Listen here:

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