Airport detentions trigger alarms from civil liberties groups

Published March 1, 2017

An article in the Christian Science Monitor about President Trump’s deportation plan, which would expand the use of “expedited removal” to include any illegal immigrant anywhere in the country who has been here for two years or less, and concerns that it is raising in the legal community interviews Rick Su, professor of law. “On the one hand, I think there’s been a lot of dramatic shifts and a lot of aggressive actions by this administration, but so far they have been, for better or for worse, keeping within a general understanding of the powers that were delegated to them by Congress,” he said. But, he adds, “this now concentrates a lot of power within the decisions of low-level immigration enforcement officials ... who would essentially be Judge Dredd – judge, jury, and executioner in these cases.”

Su also was interviewed for an article in The Hill about concerns by civil liberties groups over what they say is the “sledgehammer approach” being taken by Customs and Border Protection agents in American airports in the wake of President Trump’s travel ban and after Muhammad Ali Jr., the son of the late legendary boxer, who is a Muslim born in Philadelphia and holds a U.S. passport, was reportedly pulled aside by immigration officials for several hours in Florida and pressed about his religion and origin. “The undercurrents have always been there, but what we’re now starting to see is an escalation, an unshackling of what ICE and CBP have always wanted to be,” he said.

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