The New York Times quotes Rick Su, who says it will be tough for Trump to remove two to three million people without state and local assistance.


Robert Shibley tells the Huffington Post the next HUD secretary must focus on homelessness and affordable housing.


Trump should reach out to core GOP members, not just those who have been loyal to him, Jacob Neiheisel tells CNBC.


A story on CNN interviews James Battista about the battle of wills that is expected to take place between Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer.


The Associated Press looks at U.S. colleges expanding their recruiting efforts in the Middle East, South Asia and Latin America and quotes Stephen Dunnett.


Robert Silverman says it would be relatively easy for whoever Trump appoints to reverse some of the accomplishments of the Obama administration in The Atlantic.


The New York Times speaks with Nicole Hallett about immigration enforcement agents who arrested undocumented workers in Buffalo area restaurants.