Commitment to UB makes Jacobs 'our champion, too'

Published February 8, 2016

An article in Sports Business Journal about Jeremy Jacobs and his generous financial contributions to UB, published as part of the journal’s “Champions” series, quotes UB President Satish K. Tripathi, and notes that Jacobs, a 1960 graduate of the university, has donated more than $50 million to his hometown university. The article looks at the relationship the two men have developed since Tripathi joined UB as provost in 2004 and the work they’ve done together to help shape the university’s future. “Jerry really is somebody who, first of all, is our most distinguished alumni, and our most steadfast supporter,” Tripathi said. “But it’s not only his philanthropy. He’s providing insight over how we go out and raise further funds for university causes.” The article is available online only to paid subscribers.

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