The Buffalo News reports on UB engineering students building a satellite to be launched by NASA

Published March 26, 2013

An article in the Buffalo News reports a team of UB engineering students is building a satellite, which will be launched as part of an upcoming NASA mission, to track space junk: inactive satellites, parts from old space crafts and other debris from prior missions flying around Earth’s lower orbit at speeds of 17,500 mph. The article quotes John Crassidis, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and his students: Brian Bezanson, a graduate student majoring in physics; Andrew Dianetti, a senior majoring in aerospace engineering; Nikita Butakov, a senior studying electrical engineering; and Muhammed Khan, an aerospace engineering major. University Communications staff worked closely with the reporter to obtain the coverage, which also includes a video interview with Crassidis and Dianetti. The article about their work also appeared in First Bell, a daily news briefing emailed to members of the engineering and technology education community and published by the American Society for Engineering Education.

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