Larry Southwick Jr., professor emeritus of management science in the School of Management, is quoted in the Rochester DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE "ROCnow" publication in an article about a poll to Monroe county residents that indicated the economy is their primary concern.
An article in the LOS ANGELES TIMES about David Letterman's admission that he has had sex with women who work for the Late Night show quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who said "there are so many of these scandals and they all show some apology or embarrassment, and this guy decided to control the damage by making it into a joke." The article also appeared in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, ARIZONA REPUBLIC and NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN.
An op-ed in the Rochester DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE about health care reform says that for President Obama's health care plan to succeed, it must improve quality, cut costs and expand access to health care and is written by Ruqaiijah Yearby, associate professor of law.
James E. Campbell, professor and chair of political science, is quoted in an article distributed by the ASSOCIATED PRESS about the dilemma facing junior Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who has to avoid being sucked down by Gov. David Paterson's historic low approval ratings without appearing ungrateful to the man who picked her to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton. The article appeared in roughly 100 news outlets around the nation, including THE NEW YORK TIMES, HARTFORD COURANT, MIAMI HERALD and SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE.
An article distributed by the news service AFP about the sport of roller derby in the U.S. quotes Caroline Storms, a UB graduate student in the Department of Sociology. The article appeared on YAHOO! NEWS and the SINGAPORE NEWS.
An article in the October 2009 issue of Self magazine about steps people can take to feel happier about their appearance quotes Lora Park, assistant professor of psychology, who says women have been socialized to notice their peers attractiveness.
An article in the Los Angeles Times about efforts by scientists to dream up ways a weapon might be slipped onto an airplane and the figure out how to prevent it quotes Colin Drury, SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. The article also appeared in the San Jose Mercury News.
An article in The Hill about the effect state governor's races could have on Senate and House elections in 2010 quotes James E. Campbell, professor and chair of political science, who said that while the impact is less than in a presidential race, having a popular candidate at the top of the ticket can have a pronounced effect.
Kathleen Miller, research scientist in the Research Institute on Addictions, is quoted in an article in The Commonwealth Times, the student newspaper out of Virginia Commonwealth University, about the dangers of combining energy drinks and alcohol, a combination that can lead to greater likelihood of engaging in risky behavior such as drinking and driving.
An article in the British newspaper, The Independent, on the benefits and drawbacks of energy drinks reports that a study by Kathleen Miller, research scientist in the Research Institute on Addictions, suggested that high consumption of energy drinks is associated with "toxic jock" behavior: risky, aggressive actions including unprotected sex, substance abuse and violence.
An article in The Wall Street Journal reports that the Securities and Exchange Commission has tapped UB School of Management alumnus Adam Storch to serve as the agency's first-ever chief operating officer of the enforcement division. Storch most recently worked as vice president of Goldman Sach's Business Intelligence Group. His appointment to the SEC also was carried by dozens of other media outlets, including the Associated Press, CBS News, Reuters and the Washington Times.
An article in the Indianapolis Star about the declining privacy of patients' prescription histories quotes Jack Freer, associate director of UB's Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care.
An article in Sunday's New York Times interviews Elliot Caplan, professor of media study and director of the Center for the Moving Image, about his documentary, "15 Days of Dance: The Making of 'Ghost Light.'"
An article in Parade magazine, a supplement that appears in weekend newspapers around the nation, interviews Sarah-Jeanne Salvy, assistant professor of pediatrics, about her research on how young people's weight and eating habits are influenced by their friends' and peers' weight and eating habits.
An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Esther Takeuchi, Greatbatch Professor in Power Sources Research in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and looks at her work developing batteries for medical devices such implantable cardiac defibrillators, drug pumps and neurostimulators.
An article in the National Review about political apathy among African Americans cites work by James E. Campbell, professor and chair of political science, which found that more than 60 percent of congressional districts in which minorities were in the majority ranked in the bottom quintile in levels of voter turnout.
An op-ed in the West Virginia Gazette about current society being shameless quotes Ronda Dearing, research scientist in the Research Institute on Addictions, who said guilt is different from shame, which involves a negative evaluation of one's self.
An article distributed by UPI reports that scientists from UB are among the researchers conducting a study of a 200,000-year-old sediment core from an arctic lake that indicates ongoing biological and chemical changes are likely caused by human activities.
An article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle about a 14-year-old convicted of shooting a police officer and whether a child that age has the mental capacity to understand actions and consequences quotes Charles Ewing, professor of law.
An article on Chicago Breaking News about inequities between nursing homes where the majority of residents are African American and homes where a majority of the residents are white quotes Ruqaiijah Yearby, associate professor of law, who said the Midwest has the highest degree of racial segregation among its nursing homes.
An article on PsychCentral.com reports on findings by the Research Institute on Addictions that adolescent gambling is linked to conduct disorders.
The University at Buffalo has been chosen to be one of five upstate universities working to develop a new nationwide independent insurance database to help determine costs for out-of-network healthcare. The article appeared in news outlets that include The New York Times
The current issue of Psychology Today magazine cited the work of Sandra Murray, professor of psychology, whose research shows that in happy relationships couples tend to idealize one another.