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An article in <i>USA Today</i> about the film industry enjoying one of its most profitable quarters in years, with moviegoers flocking to romantic comedies and thrillers quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who said that not only do people choose cheaper entertainment in tough economic times, and movies provide an escape from their worries as well.


The Thomas Jefferson Street blog on <i>U.S. News and World Report</i> reports Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science, is co-author of a report that ranks the states according to degree of freedom – economic freedom and personal freedom – with New Hampshire ranking No. 1 and New York State coming in at No. 50.


An article in <i>The Washington Post</i> about tinnitus, which it calls the No. 1 service-connected disability for Iraq veterans, interviews Richard Salvi, director of the Center for Hearing and Deafness, on his research, which suggests that tinnitus sounds are generated in the brain, rather than the ear.


An article in the <i>Pittsburgh Post-Gazette</i> reports that the freest states – those with the fewest regulations in key areas, the greatest fiscal prudence and the highest respect for individual liberties – also seem to attract new residents, while the least free states tend to lose them, according to a study conducted by Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science.


An article about the recession and job losses in the Northeast on looks at how people in five cities are coping with unemployment and hunting for jobs, including UB student Dave Smith, who was interviewed by WIVB-TV at a job fair held at UB.


A column in <i>The (McAllen, Texas) Monitor</i> about adolescent celebrity crushes discusses the author's interview with UB pop culture expert Elayne Rapping and her insights into why boy bands continue to be appealing long after their teenage fans have grown up.