An article in The New York Times looks at software being developed Rohini Srihari, UB professor of computer science and engineering, and a team in the Center of Excellence in Document Analysis and Recognition to find the best path for connecting two difference concepts, technology that will be used to help fight terrorism.
UB volcanologist Michael Sheridan, professor of geology, was interviewed on BBC "The World" radio about the likelihood of an eruption of Mexico's Colima volcano. Described as a long-time Colima watcher, Sheridan said Colima is extremely dangerous and is "just inching toward its climactic phase, where it will have gigantic eruption...probably within a year."
A UPI story in The Washington Times on the skyrocketing popularity of blogs and the new insights they provide into the buying habits, political interests and social and cultural attitudes of important segments of the U.S. marketplace reports that researchers in the School of Informatics are studying how blogs reflect politics, opinion and attitudes, and quotes Alex Halavais, assistant professor of communication.
An Associated Press story on rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a relationship and the effect those rumors are having on ticket sales for their new movie, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who says people are intrigued because both actors are so closemouthed about their relationship.
An Associated Press article on the problems students have transferring course credit from community colleges to four-year schools reports on UB's successful articulation program, which brings in more than 2,000 transfer students each year and has agreements with its leading feeder schools and a database of approved credits from 2,000 colleges. The article appeared in more than 100 media outlets.
An article on LiveScience.com reports on research by Surajit Sen, associate professor of physics, to detect baby waves, the offspring of solitary energy waves once thought to be too small to detect.
An article in The Washington Post looks at the energy-conservation and efficiency efforts colleges and universities throughout the nation are pursuing, and quotes UB energy officer Walter Simpson, who says every college and university should be engaging in energy conservation.
An article in the online version of Science magazine reports on research by Antonia Monteiro, assistant professor of biological sciences, that showed that female butterflies are attracted to the sparkle of the white circles at the center of eyespots on the male butterflies' wings.
An article distributed by the Associate Press reports on the opening of UB's New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences, and was picked up by a number of newspapers throughout the state, including the Staten Island Advance.