An article in The Washington Post on a request by the Homeland Security Department that the Justice Department review the legal issues involved in possibly postponing the presidential election if it risked being disrupted by terrorism quotes James Gardner, professor of law, who calls authority over presidential elections relatively murky territory.
A Reuters article in today's issue of The New York Times quotes James Campbell, UB professor of political science, on academic forecasts of the presidential election that show George Bush winning.
An article in the Christian Science Monitor, written by Makau Mutua, professor of law and co-director of the UB Human Rights Center, calls racism the true source of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, where thousands of people are being slaughtered, enslaved and displaced.
An article in The New York Times looks at investment clubs for children and quotes Lewis Mandell, professor of finance and managerial economics in the School of Management, who says investment clubs help children learn how to deal with money later in life.
An article in the August 2, 2004, issue of BusinessWeek reports that UB biophysicists have created a mirror-image of a peptide in tarantula venom that could be used to create drugs to treat muscle-related ills such as heart attacks, incontinence and muscular dystrophy.