An article on the front page of USA Today on the final episode of "Friends" and the cultural implications of the show's 10-year run extensively quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies, who says the show will be remembered for making America aware that being in your 20s really is being in the prime of life.
An article in USA Today looks at reality shows filmed on college campuses and the impact -- both positive and negative -- the shows can have on the school's reputation. The article, which interviews Dennis Black, vice president for student affairs, on UB's experience when MTV filmed two shows involving UB students, "Sorority Life" and "Fraternity Life," was picked up by more than 110 media outlets through out the nation, including newspapers, radio, television and Internet.
An article in The Washington Post reports many Americans, particularly African Americans, may be suffering from a vitamin D deficiencies that increase the risk of bone problems and perhaps other diseases. The article quotes Paresh Dandona, professor of medicine, who has treated patients with the condition.
An article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on whether the judges' criticism on "American Idol" is actually constructive or accurate quotes Elayne Rapping, professor of American studies in the Center for the Americas. The judges, she says, are paid to have certain personalities, not to give serious music criticism.