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James Campbell tells ABC News recent bombings in New York and New Jersey will help Trump and hurt Clinton.


Sudhir Suchak tells CBS News that programs implementing incentives require serious monitoring.


The Associated Press reported on a study on the Greenland Ice Sheet co-authored by Beata Csatho.


Real Simple magazine highlights UB's Finish in 4 program when talking about on-time graduation guarantees.


Charles Mitchell discusses how nature takes a slower course to the same goal with Inside Higher Ed.


Sudhir Suchak tells The Washington Post incentive programs are rare at most big banks.


James Campbell tells The Washington Post that 2016 was shaping up with a tilt to the Republicans until they nominated Donald Trump.


The Washington Post quotes Andrew McConnell Stott, professor of English, who discusses society's sometimes unfavorable view of the makeup-clad performers.


The New York Times interviews Daniel Antonius, assistant professor of psychiatry, about the fear and helplessness associated with mass shootings.


The Popular Science article reports on a genetic study led by UB biologist Omer Gokcumen.