UB in the News


An article in The Atlantic about the threat posed to the Hawaiian Islands by Hurricane Lane interviews Tracy Gregg, associate professor of geology.


An article on Yahoo! News references work by UB accounting professor Feng Gu, which questions the relevance of the long-standing four-times-a-year reports. 


A Popular Science article about climate change and the dangers of extreme rain interviews Nicholas Rajkovich, assistant professor of architecture.


An AccuWeather article about how U.S. bridges are built to withstand powerful winds, hurricanes and earthquakes interviews Andrew Whittaker, director of UB's Institute of Bridge Engineering.


An article on Gizmodo UK interviews Alia Lesnek, a doctoral candidate in geology, about new research on how the first settlers of North America reached the continent.


"You expect people to do the right thing, to resign. In many cases it could, and should, be that simple," he said. "Politics isn’t simple," James Gardner, professor of law, tells NBC News.


An Associated Press article about the boost that the indictment of Rep. Chris Collins has given to Democrats in his heavily Republican district interviews Harvey Palmer, associate professor of political science.


Marketing professor Charles Lindsey tells the The Washington Post that matress sellers are facing the same conditions felt by Toys R Us and JCPenney.


NBC Sports reports on work by UB researchers John Leddy and Barry Willer that found no signs of early onset dementia among 21 retired NFL and NHL players.


An article in Newsweek reports on a study led by UB researcher Jessica Kruger on the “drunchies,” a term that describes the desire to eat salty and fatty foods during or after a night of heavy drinking.