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They will be added to the 16 companies that have already been accepted.


Buffalo’s population of young, college–educated adults rose by 33.5 percent between 2000 and 2012.


Victoria Wolcott indicates that it comes down to a question of how the media covers race.


UB's James Garder said, "They want a completely unregulated political market. And they seem not to be too concerned when people get turned away from the polls."


The article quoted President Satish K. Tripathi as saying, "We will make Buffalo a national model for how to transform a Rust Belt region into a vibrant, world-class destination.”


A link to a fly-through video of the new medical school is available as well.


The evidence shows that Ebola viruses are profoundly ancient, splitting off from other viral lineages 20 million years ago.


Professor and students in civil, structural and environmental engineering an inexpensive solution.


Independent Health CEO succeeds Gerald Lippes on UB's primary oversight and advisory body.


The behavior of a mother who takes cocaine can have a psychological impact on her child, according to new research by Rina Das Eiden, senior research scientist in UB's Research Institute on Addictions.