Lovers of music and voice, rejoice: Science & Art Cabaret to tackle sound

Poster for cabaret.

Release Date: March 23, 2015

“I often refer to the cabaret as Casual Learning Wednesdays, and we've stuck fairly true to that tradition.”
John Massier, Curator

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Event poster showing supersonic plane.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Sound will be the theme of Buffalo’s next Science & Art Cabaret, and the line-up for the March event will be a classic.

It includes a DJ from The Pink (a celebrated dive bar in Buffalo), a record label founder and two researchers in the field of communicative disorders and sciences.

Quirky, eclectic, and fun: That’s the Science & Art Cabaret, an ongoing collaborative program between Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, the University at Buffalo and the Buffalo Museum of Science.

Supported by the Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies at UB, the cabaret is an event series that asks experts from different walks of life to present creative and intellectual ideas about a common theme.

The next cabaret, titled “Sound,” will start at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25 at the Ninth Ward at Babeville, 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo.

The event is free and open to the public. There will be a cash bar.

The line-up, including the names of presentations and presenters:

  • From Sh*t-Fi to Holosonic Immersion: The Culture of Listening in the 21st century, as presented by Allen Farmelo, founder of the record label Butterscotch Records and editor of Pink Noise Magazine, a feminist publication about recording and audio.
  • From Sound to Silence, as presented by Elaine T. Stathopoulos and Jeff Higginbotham, professors in UB’s Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences.
  • Be Hear Now: Insights, Tips, Warnings and Ramblings of a Hopelessly Addicted Vinyl Junkie, DJ and Rock n’ Roll Casualty, as presented by David Gutierrez, longtime Buffalo musician, guitarist for the Irving Klaws and venerable DJ at The Pink.
  • Performing at the Intersection of Music and Science, as presented by the Inverse Square Trio, who offer a unique concert event featuring original compositions, performances of existent works old and new, demonstrations and explanations.

“I often refer to the cabaret as Casual Learning Wednesdays, and we've stuck fairly true to that tradition,” says Hallwalls curator John Massier, one of the series’ organizers. “While we always enter into each themed cabaret with confidence in the general idea and the invited participants, we can never determine how it will all play out.”

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