UB Efforts to Make University Heights a "Greener" Place to Live Are Paying Off

By Dan Ryan

Release Date: November 11, 2010

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- An initiative to educate residents in the neighborhood around the University at Buffalo South Campus about the benefits of recycling is paying off, thanks to the efforts of UB's Off Campus Student Services, UB Green and the UB Honors College.

During the summer of 2010, member of the three UB organizations conducted a survey of recycling practices among residents in the University Heights neighborhood from Bailey Avenue and LaSalle Avenue to Kenmore Avenue and Englewood Avenue, and found that at that time 488 recycling bins were in use in the neighborhood.

The UB groups embarked upon an education campaign, distributing information to all residents about the City of Buffalo recycling program and other sustainable habits.

Blue recycling bins were made available during the UB Neighbors Block Party and Safety Fair held Sept. 5, with more than 200 distributed to participants, and in October, students from UB's Honors College went door-to-door to ask residents if they were in need of a recycling bin, resulting in an additional 150 distributed to households throughout the neighborhood. Residents also were asked to sign a pledge to recycle, provided with recycling instructions and reminded of the importance of participating in the city's recycling program.

As of Oct. 28, the use of recycling bins had increased by nearly 50 percent, thanks to the UB initiative.

UB will continue to encourage recycling and other "green" efforts throughout the spring, and will continue to distribute recycling bins through it Office of Off-Campus Student Services. In addition, UB will work with students leaving campus at the end of the academic year to donate furniture and appliances to area charities.