Use Caution Near Falcon Nest on South Campus

Release Date: June 14, 2010

The Department of Environmental Conservation has informed the university about two incidents where falcons nesting in MacKay Tower on UB's South Campus swooped down near passersby and a dog causing minor injuries.

The DEC biologists say this aggressive behavior is very rare and is expected to stop within two weeks when the falcon chicks leave the nest.

UB is working with the DEC to warn the community about the potential for this aggressive behavior, which may occur as a result of the chicks attempting to fly and falling to the ground.

If someone sees a chick on the ground, they should immediately leave the area and be very cautious. Do not attempt to go near it as the parent bird is likely nearby. Contact the DEC at 851-7010 or their 24-hour tipline at 1-800-847-7332. They will dispatch an environmental conservation officer to come out and put the chick back in its nest.

In the meantime, it's best to enjoy a view of the chicks and falcons online via the web cam, and to avoid the area around the nest. If you are near the nest site on the southern edge of the South Campus near Winspear Avenue, please be careful and alert.

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