Printmakers in UB’S ePIC (Experimental Print and Imaging Center) Program are showcasing their work through April 25 in an exhibition in The Carnegie Art Center in North Tonawanda.
Nancy P. Zimmerman, Ph.D., has been named to the Library Media Standards Committee of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
Although popular culture continues to presume that height is a measure of personal satisfaction in life, a new study by a team of psychologists and endocrinologists at the University at Buffalo refutes the idea that taller is necessarily better.
A University at Buffalo professor is leading the effort to increase federal funding of university research in the field of geographic information systems (GIS), applications of which are addressing important social problems ranging from the handling of medical emergencies, to fighting crime, to monitoring agricultural crops.
Western New York governments and other public-service entities have an "impressive and encouraging" record of cost-effective collaboration and a growing interest in more such efforts as an approach to building a stronger region, according to two reports released by the Institute for Local Governance and Regional Growth at the University at Buffalo.
Research conducted at the University at Buffalo suggests the potentially lethal brain swelling known as high-altitude cerebral edema that has caused the death of climbers on Mount Everest and elsewhere is caused by a disruption in the blood-brain barrier.
Scott Williams doesn't teach mathematics to African-American children, but several thousand of them have learned from him lessons that they will keep for the rest of their lives.
Reducing repetitive strain injuries while increasing comfort at work is easy, effective and often inexpensive for workers or employers with the proper equipment, a University at Buffalo ergonomics expert says.
Taking a monumental step that will change the lives of even more University at Buffalo students, the anonymous donor who started UB's Distinguished Honors Scholars program has reached the $4 million mark with another donation of $800,000 to fully fund the education of academically gifted students.
While TV-Free America (TVFA) has designated April 22-28 National TV-Turnoff Week, a University at Buffalo associate professor of communication says eliminating TV from American life is an "extreme measure"and not warranted.
Thanks to Laurie Carter’s research, the question is no longer whether susceptibility to stroke is indicated by standard dental X-rays, but to what degree.
Pregnant women who continue to smoke, thinking their prenatal vitamins will offset the known adverse effects of smoking on the developing fetus, are deluding themselves, a new study by University at Buffalo researchers shows.
A physician known internationally for his pioneering work in developing dermatology as a medical specialty and a man considered the most powerful individual in talent management in the entertainment industry are among eight individuals to be honored at the University at Buffalo Alumni Association's annual awards dinner.
"From the Age of Lightheartedness" (1980), a lyrical account of an exotic love affair by experimental German filmmaker Klaus Wyborny, will be screened on April 27 in the Center for the Arts.