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The fact that spouses often become caregivers for their ailing partners is quite common in American life – and few roles are more stressful. Yet helping behaviors, which are at the core of caregiving, typically relieve stress, according to a new UB study.


When the Vietnam Veterans of America filed a federal lawsuit to end what it saw as the federal government’s willingness to expose private details about millions of veterans, the organization turned for legal muscle to the UB School of Law’s Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic.


The photos and videos coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia are all images this country has seen throughout its history, says Carole Emberton, UB associate professor of history.


Violent news events present editors with a troubling journalistic decision: How much of the violence should the audience see? New UB research suggests editors should include violent video in stories they consider to be newsworthy.


A new study by a UB psychologist illustrates how the strategic use of language in the face of tension helps people feel more confident.


Many attempts to explain how past people experienced their wider world have focused on sight at the expense of sound, but researchers from the University at Albany and UB have developed a tool that puts sound back into the ancient landscape.


The discovery is first fossil evidence of a theorized passageway for some mammals.


UB faculty members Jonathan Dewald, Chunming Qiao and John E. Tomaszewski have been named State University of New York Distinguished Professors, the highest faculty rank in the SUNY system.


When it comes to empathy, the idiom that suggests “walking a mile in their shoes” turns out to be problematic advice, according to new research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.


The Sopranos’ Tony Soprano and Walter White from Breaking Bad rank among recent television drama’s most notorious protagonists, each of questionable morality. So, here’s the question: Do you like them?