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Social Sciences

News about UB’s social sciences programs, including anthropology, psychology and social work. (see all topics)


New strategies may provide additional tools to treat a variety of psychological disorders.


UB has entered into an agreement to implement a $1.3 million project designed to create and test work flow innovations using a standard vocabulary and set of categories to support digital manufacturing for a local technology and services innovator.


For singers and their audiences, being “in tune” might not be as important as we think. The fact that singers fail to consistently hit the right notes may have implications for the development of musical scales as well.


Power imbalances in heterosexual relationships are common, but having less power takes a greater toll on young women than young men, according to a recently published UB study.


Contrary to prevailing thought, the work suggests that there were at least two, if not more, waves of people entering South America.


Political discussions about immigrants often include the claim that there is a relationship between immigration patterns and increased crime. However, results of a UB-led study find no links between the two.


The UB Gender Institute will hold a Solidarity Party to honor and celebrate international scholars, students, immigrants and refugees on Feb. 12.


Poorer and less-educated older Americans are more like to suffer from chronic pain than those with greater wealth and more education, and the disparity between the two groups is much greater than previously thought.


A UB psychologist is part of a team of researchers and educators behind a new online test that quickly measures singing accuracy.


Responsible and level-headed Americans must develop “digital literacy skills” to sort through the flood of “biased or false misinformation” in today’s information age.