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The stakes are far too high to count Trump's Republican rivals out just yet, says James Campbell.


To address the gender disparity in politics, the University at Buffalo will for the second year host Elect Her, a daylong program that encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office.


Political conflict has exploded over whether President Obama should attempt to replace Scalia in an election year, and whether the Senate should consider the president’s choice.


Political divisions in American politics are deep and real, yet the idea persists that America is a moderate nation and that most Americans are moderates, according to two UB political scientists.


Marco Rubio is still the candidate most likely to unify the Republican party and secure the nomination in November, says James Campbell.


The real winner in Iowa was Marco Rubio, says UB's Jacob Neiheisel. And he is likely to have success in New Hampshire, too.


The Ted Cruz campaign points to research from UB's James Campbell that looks at the impact of swing voters.


Criticism from the opposite party, or media, creates a backlash effect, says UB's Jacob Neiheisel.


Pro-gun organizations have too much control over Congress, says UB's Anthony O’Rourke.


The refugee screening process is already largely effective, says Hilary Weaver.